What is gold-plated jewelry: Gold-plating is divided into two categories, one is gold-plated with homogeneous materials, and the other is gold-plated with heterogeneous materials. Homogeneous material gold plating refers to gold plating on the surface of gold jewelry. Its significance is to improve the brightness and color of jewelry. Gold plating of heterogeneous materials refers to gold plating on the surface of non-gold materials, such as gold plating on silver and gold plating on copper. Its meaning is to replace the color of the plated material with the luster of gold, thereby improving the ornamental effect of jewelry.

Gold-plated jewelry is a layer of gold plated on the surface of other metal jewelry by electroplating. The color is similar to real gold jewelry, golden and bright, and it is difficult to identify when it is new. However, gold-plated jewelry has a lighter hand feel and a harder texture, leaving no marks on the teeth, and it is easy to fade after a long time. Some gold-plated jewelry with poor electroplating, the color is either red or white, or blooming. A layer of metal can be plated on many special materials by electroplating.

In the field of jewelry making, the electroplating process is mainly used to plate precious metals, especially gold. Plated full jewelry is called false jewelry, which is formed after uniformly electroplating a layer of gold film of about ten microns on the outer surface of silver jewelry, copper jewelry, alloy jewelry or plastic jewelry. The gold plating process is not complicated. Non-gold jewelry is polished in the next step after repeated pickling, washing, and degreasing, and then they are immersed in an electroplating solution at a certain temperature. Under the action of electrodes, the gold component in the electroplating solution is transferred to the non-gold blank. Then, it is washed, dried and polished to form gold-plated jewelry. The gold film of gold-plated jewelry cannot be too thick, otherwise the adhesion will be poor and easy to peel off. From this craft point of view, gold-plated jewelry must be a low-end jewelry. Over time, the gold plating wears away quickly and the jewelry loses its decorative value.